One significant contrast amidst the notably affluent and the remainder of society is this: life is pliable. With enough effort, time, capital—something—you can change the world. This fact applies to your situation, too. It isn’t a given, and it can be changed. You may want to be imaginative, or do plenty of analysis, or put in lots of man-hours, but you can improve your situation dramatically.

Stop believing your circumstances are immobile. It is as noble or limited as you desire it.

Malcolm Adams, IAEE

Hi, I’m Malcolm Adams, IAEE

I am a proud advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder as I am on the spectrum myself. I experienced many hardships as a young adult, including being homeless from the ages of 17-21. I devoted myself to crushing any challenge thrown my way to escape my circumstances to expanding my companies to four cities (and counting).

I know the importance of accruing and sustaining wealth within the community. I believe that through his programs and courses, I can educate youth and adults to become more informed about economic empowerment for themselves and their families.